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Private family houses, Milla and Roosi, camping cottages and hotel rooms await you. Larger families or crowds might also love staying at our hostel.
Tehumardi Holiday Home can accommodate 114 people.

We have a special area for guests travelling with an RV (electricity, water supply and a wastewater dumping station). Campers with tents are also welcome. Guests sleeping in tents, RVs and camping houses have access to a fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms and showers.

Tehumardi Holiday Home has two ponds, one for swimming and the other for row boating and fish watching. We also have ball courts, swings and a sand box and play area for children. Feel free to build a campfire or have a barbeque. The seaside is only a 200 metre walk away through a pinewood forest.

  • Tehumardi is located 17 km from Kuressaare. Tehumardi is also connected to Kuressaare via a safe and well-lit asphalt-coated light traffic road.

  • Nearby sightseeing attractions include the Tehumardi battlefield, the dune covered lakeshores, Loode oak forest, Pühatu springs, Viieristi coastal terrace, Sõrve peninsula, Kaugatoma and Ohessaare cliffs, Stebeli coastal battery, and Jämaja church.

  • Great for nature enthusiasts– the area is perfect for bird watching (tits, the black woodpecker, owls, swallows, etc.) and observing the lives of wild animals (squirrels, deer, hare, elk, wild boar).